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Integration with papermill

Integration with papermill#

ploomber-engine was developed to address some of papermill’s limitations. However, given that papermill is widely used, you can use some of ploomber-engine’s feature from the papermill command-line interface via custom engines.


Install both packages:

pip install ploomber-engine papermill ipykernel


If your notebook crashes mid-execution, papermill will provide you with the crashed .ipynb file. However, in many cases this isn’t enough and you might want to use a debugger like pdb for interactive debugging, you can use the debuglater engine to do so.

papermill input.ipynb output.ipynb --engine debuglater

Upon crashing, a jupyter.dump file is stored. You can start a debugging session with:

dltr jupyter.dump


Since papermill runs your code spins up a new process to execute your code, monitoring the papermill process won’t yield useful information. You can run your notebook in the same process using our embedded engine:

papermill input.ipynb output.ipynb --engine embedded

You can monitor usage with tools such as htop, or the memory-profiler package.